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Trump’s tax plan isn’t a guarantee of a wall

Trump's tax plan isn't a guarantee of a wall

Trump tells fervent Texas rally he ‘will probably have to’ run for presidency again

President Donald Trump made no secret of his ambitions to re-enter U.S. politics in 2016 and ran for president — winning. But while he promised to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, he also vowed not to raise taxes on Americans who made more than $10.9 million — a vow he made without much warning to voters.

On the campaign trail ahead of the midterm election, Trump said his tax cut would generate $6 billion in additional revenue for the Treasury and that his administration would spend the money on infrastructure projects. But the Republican tax plan includes no spending on infrastructure, and the White House never followed up with details.

Trump also promised to eliminate the “worst drug dealers, drug lords, and gang members from our midst.” But Trump’s own top aide said that the president can’t target individual gangs in his crackdown on illegal drugs. The official also told Axios that “for every gang member arrested, 100 people get out of prison.”

Trump also vowed to use military force to fight the opioid crisis. But the White House has yet to make any real moves in that regard.

He said he would use every resource at his disposal to make America safe again — “from stopping illegal immigration to securing our borders,” he said, without explaining what he would do with all 1.8 million illegal immigrants in the country.

“We will have wall — that will be a tremendous help,” he added. “I will get Mexico to pay for the wall. That will be a great help for me…. I will make Mexico pay for the wall.”

Even his most zealous supporters weren’t convinced he would fulfill his promise.

“We’ve got to have immigration reform,” said Rick Lakin, 69, a retired electrical engineer who was a Republican National Committee member in 1996 and who voted for Trump at Tuesday night’s rally for the first time in his life.

“I’m looking at you, (former) President Bush,” he said, referring to the former president. “Every time he went to a rally, he would say he was going to bring jobs back to America. The only thing he brought back was jobs for Wall Street and jobs for his buddies in Washington.”

Lakin said Trump and the

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