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The Tech Industry Is Only One Piece of the Economy

The Tech Industry Is Only One Piece of the Economy

Op-Ed: What Silicon Valley must sacrifice to curb China’s exploitation of U.S. tech resources

The first thing we need to do is remove ourselves from any kind of dependency on China for technology. We have our own technologies. It’s really not a good idea. We have to understand that they need us. They’re dependent on us. We’re dependent on them. Our exports are really in Chinese hands. They’re using our products to try to fight back against us. We’ve got to start getting ahead of this.

We’re doing it. We’ve got to do it. Silicon Valley does not want to go down that road. We’re not going down that road. We’re going to go the other way.

What about security?

The problem is security. We’re using Chinese products. They’re using our products to fight us on the battlefield. We need to be careful. We’re dependent on China for a lot of the stuff they need. We have to start thinking about that. We’re going to build everything here ourselves.

How do we have that discussion? And will it be limited to the tech industry?

The tech industry is only one piece of the economy. We’re using a lot of their products. They use our products to fight us.

What kind of a role can the military play?

The U.S. military has a great role to play for two things. First, they have a national security interest not only in the military strength of our people but in our technology. Second, their first responsibility is to protect our interests. We can’t afford to let China destroy our economy and control our technology.

What do you need to do to become an independent technology nation?

First of all, we need to understand that China will not be satisfied until

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