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The Democratic Party is Moving toward Socialism

The Democratic Party is Moving toward Socialism

Op-Ed: Independents may not like Biden, but they abhor Trump

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In a recent op-ed, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Trump is a “racist” and a “homophobe.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) agreed that Trump “is a sexist dog.” And former Vice President Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed moderate, said he’s not qualified to be president because he’s not “a traditional Democrat.” (See video of the “controversy over Biden’s ‘moderate’ comments” here.)

The New York Times summed up this week’s conversation in the Democratic debate: “The conversation devolved into a shouting match, with Ms. Warren calling Mr. Biden a liar, Mr. Sanders calling her a liar, and Mr. Klobuchar saying she was a ‘liar b***h.’”

I’ve been asked to write this piece to explain that I think the Democratic Party is moving toward the kind of socialism that we fought and are still fighting to defeat in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Cuba, and Eastern Europe in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. And I would never claim that I am a representative of the Democratic Party or of the Democratic Party platform.

However, in my view, there is a growing danger to the party and the nation in which we reside, and that is the danger of what I call “independents”—people who are not part of the party’s base.

Independents are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. They are a powerful bloc which can be relied upon to vote for candidates who support the liberal/socialist agenda they care about, regardless of who the candidates are.

But when a party’s majority is based on independents, there is an inherent danger that the party will become increasingly irrelevant and irrelevant people will vote for the opposite of what the party believes in. And what is more, they’ll do it in a way that makes them complicit in undermining their own party and the nation

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