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The challenge to change your partner

The challenge to change your partner

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist. After a night of sleep deprivation, each of the four couples had taken part in a “miracle” – a moment of transcendence, where they both said “I do.” As one couple said, it took them an hour and a half but they could not have done it without their partners.

The winners (and runners-up) will now be put to the test. They will have a year to find a new partner and a new plan for saving the world.

The three-part series, which began on Monday (January 15), is the first of 10 international reality TV shows starting this week to challenge four couples to change their lives.

“The challenge is to change your partner, how you behave with them, and how you solve problems with them,” says the show’s producer, German television station ZDF. “It turns out that some couples are very good at being with each other but struggle with how to change their partner.”

The challenge, which is being organised by TV’s biggest advertiser, the advertising firm WPP, will offer three million euros to two contestants – the first couple to change their lives for the better – and a million to each of the other two. The second couple will receive a third million euros if they win the prize.

The winner and runner-up will be paired together and, at a meeting in Berlin, they will receive a full year of training in a private training centre.

The couple will also get $100,000 to build a community fund that will distribute $200 per month to each person on their target list.

For their partners, the challenge is supposed to be about changing their relationship for the better as well and to improve their relationship with their children.

In fact, it has become a competition to

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