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Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” video is edited out, leaving only the verses

Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" video is edited out, leaving only the verses

Accused of fatphobia, Taylor Swift debuts an edited ‘Anti-Hero’ video on Apple Music

“I think people are tired of being portrayed as villains all the time… I don’t think they want to see people being painted as villains.”

Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” video is the latest viral sensation, and it aims to put the singer’s critics and haters to rest: Swift’s new video is an edited clip of her singing “I Knew You Were Trouble,” the 2014 smash, while the lyrics are edited out, leaving only the verses.

The video is accompanied with a new lyric, “And you’re not so tough/ I knew you were trouble,” which Swift rewrote and released as a single over the weekend. (You can download the new lyric here.)

“I was nervous,” the singer, 27, tells The Hollywood Reporter about filming the video, which was intended to have more of a dramatic feel, but never did. “I don’t think it was particularly hard — I mean, when someone takes the mic, I think it’s my job to sing. I did have the mic off and I had the piano behind me, and it was fine.”

When asked how much of the video was shot in real time, Swift says, “I think you can always take a little bit out. I think, like really, if you just watched my body language, I’d be a little bit upset if you watched what I’ve been doing.”

“I’m always sort of self-aware of what I’m doing,” she continues. “So I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I need to be a little bit stronger here. I need to make it a little bit more aggressive. Okay, okay, okay.'”

Swift says she decided to edit her own version because she wanted to be “really clear and clear on what [she] wanted to say and I just didn’t want to compromise that.”

“So I thought, ‘OK, I’m making this, and I’m going

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