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Roddy Ricch Drops Mixtape ‘K-NEX’

Roddy Ricch Drops Mixtape 'K-NEX'

Compton’s Roddy Ricch on his new mixtape: ‘I needed to give myself the time to regain my spirit’

Roddy Ricch – better known as Compton’s 11 – has just dropped his mixtape, ‘K-NEX’, out today. Before you know it, here’s the trailer:

1) Get this – Roddy Ricch, one of rap’s most unique voices, has just dropped his mixtape. The title is K-NEX. Forgive me for revealing it like that because it seems like a bit of a stretch for a rapper out on the West Coast who hasn’t done much other than rap for quite a while. (Forgive me for giving this interview at an airport with the doors open because I really am that excited about what’s about to come out of Compton.)

2) Here’s the new song, “K-NEX”. It’s Roddy’s new single, which he is playing with the full backing of the Compton crew — the Compton’s 11, DJ Drama, and the G-Funkers.

3) He’s also dropped the first single, “Bout To Leave (In A Heartbeat)”. The beat is by DJ Drama, who produced the whole album with “K” for which he recorded a verse. DJ Drama’s last album with Roddy, ‘G-Funk’ was an underground classic. He had a verse on it, and he produced the whole show.

4) I’ll tell you how I feel about the Compton’s in a heartbeat: the Compton’s 11 were the first rap group that I remember listening to back in the old days. The original four or five of them. I was a youngster in the late-70’s and the early-80’s. I was a huge fan of the MC’s, I would say that there were 10 or 12 MC’s at one time that I was a fan of. They were great MC’s. The original four or five — Kool Keith and the K-Dawgs, 2Pac, Biggie, and DJ Quik, who did, I believe, the first ever freestyle rap on radio. I remember I was an eight-year old

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