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MRC pulls documentary on rapper Tupac

MRC pulls documentary on rapper Tupac

MRC pulls Kanye West doc: ‘We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform’

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has pulled an award-winning documentary about the life and death of late pop star, poet and fashion designer Tupac Shakur – a film that was supposed to air on BBC 1 (and had garnered a slew of awards, a Grammy nomination and a huge audience on social media).

In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, the MRC, which funded the film last year, said it was pulling the documentary because of concerns it “exposes and amplifies his political, cultural and social message”.

“Under these circumstances, the MRC cannot support any content that amplifies his platform and risks undermining the values and principles of the MRC,” it said.

It also noted the documentary had been made prior to the release of lyrics to a new song produced in collaboration with West, “All Day”, from the rapper’s recently released album, “The Life of Pablo”. In the video, West appears to be calling up rapper 50 Cent to rap on a similar track.

“The MRC fully supports the right of free expression and we have no intention of changing our policy in this case,” the statement said. “However, the MRC wishes to ensure the documentary is not used to further his “dangerous” and “dangerous ideology and the damage it can do to people’s lives.”

The MRC’s decision came on the same day the documentary, titled “Tupac: Resurrection,” was screened at the Toronto Film Festival, where it drew critical acclaim.

West had previously called the rapper a “son of a bitch” and “a gangsta” in a series of Twitter posts in November. West had called out the rapper by name in a Rolling Stone article in November.

“Tupac was the only rapper I ever listened to. He gave

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