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Trump’s Attack ad is a resounding “Keep the Promise”

Trump’s Attack ad is a resounding "Keep the Promise"

Donald Trump is actively hurting Republicans’ Senate chances at the moment. They are being outraised five to one by their Democratic counterparts and are losing ground overall. As the only Republican in the Senate who won his first election in 2012, he is the sole remaining person who can hold Senate Democrats back to a 50 seat majority. So, even with some other factors going against the Republican Party at this moment, Trump’s continued success is crucial for Senate Republicans.

It looks like his latest attack ad is another of his trademark one-minute TV infomercials with the slogan “Keep the Promise” written over it. This time, however, it comes with the phrase “Make America Great Again.” The key here is that “great again” sounds like it can only be good, but “great” has connotations of being “fine.” The “again” makes clear that he is making the promise again, making it sound less like a positive affirmation of something already great. Yet that is exactly what Trump is saying.

The video starts out with Trump addressing supporters and then the ad begins to play. He tells viewers, “I am the only person that knows the secret to doing great, but I’m not going to tell it.” He then goes on to declare some “great” principles that he will be fighting for and then tells you that “I’ll be back,” but does not say when that is. He concludes this by saying, “The only person going to have that power is me.”

Trump’s promises come in the form of “great” things that will happen when he starts his term in the White House. The video begins with his repeated promise to repeal Obamacare, to rebuild the military and put a lot of money into his infrastructure plan. As with his previous ad, Trump does not tell you exactly when he plans to implement his various plans.

It is important to note that in the run up to the 2016 election, Trump promised to build a “big beautiful wall” along the entire southern border with Mexico. During the campaign, and

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