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The Story Of My Mother

The Story Of My Mother

Natasha Leggero believes the world deserves her children — and yours too!

Every week, our editors — with their spouses, significant others, children, and parents — write about their lives, their parenting, and living with a chronic illness, as found in the Life Lessons, Parenting Lessons and Living With Illness and Disease series.

In the final episode of this season’s series, host Natasha Leggero gives a sneak preview of the first chapter of the book she is co-writing with her mother: The Story Of My Mother. The book will chronicle Natasha’s mother’s journey from childhood to adolescence.

Leggero is an attorney who lives in Portland, Ore., where she works at the firm she co-founded, Leggero & Associates. It was there, in 2006, that Natasha Leggero met with her mother, Karen Leggero. “I told her that I had Lyme disease. She didn’t seem to believe me, but I was right so we talked about it,” says Leggero.

“I wanted to know what I could do to change. I was so anxious to know if there was something I could do. And she said, ‘Well, you know, we can go to a doctor but they’re not usually very good at diagnosing. You need to take more responsibility for the things that happen to you. You need to do your homework.’ She made me feel incredibly supported and incredibly validated.”

That conversation led to a book, which was released in 2009: A Mother’s Journey: A Memoir.

The book is now available on Amazon. In the final book of the series, Leggero tells us there was one thing she wanted to include from her mother’s memoir and what that was:

“One thing that she thought was a big part of her mother’s story was the fact that she had gotten so sick. She had her first full-blown Lyme outbreak and she had a very hard

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