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The Shooter Was a Person of Interest

The Shooter Was a Person of Interest

Colorado Springs Has Seen Several Mass Shootings in Recent Years

Colorado Springs, CO— A recent mass shooting in Colorado has left at least four people dead and 11 injured and officials say the shooter was a person of interest for a police investigation.

There were six people killed Sunday inside the West Springs Mall, according to the Denver Post, but people began blaming the shooting as a “copycat” after the first responders said they were “very familiar” with the shooter’s actions and writings, which included the name “Michael S”. “I have seen a lot of videos, I have read a lot of forums,” said Officer Tim Doss, who was walking through the mall with his partner when he heard the gunfire. After responding to reports of a man with a gun outside at around 1:30 p.m. Doss said they were “very familiar with the suspect’s voice, which was very familiar.” Doss said he called his partner to alert him to their location and that they were following “a person of interest.” “We have this name, and I have been following this person of interest,” said Doss, who added that he “almost got to meet him” at their current location. As Doss attempted to get his partner to the mall, which is located just outside Denver, it was too late. He said the shooter ran into the mall and “got into the store he was supposed to be in, which was Target.” There were reports that he was confronted by “an armed security guard,” but Doss told reporters that is not necessarily the case. “We are going to look at this through the lens of what we do, what we want to accomplish,” continued Doss. “Our job is going to be to protect our fellow citizens.” He then turned to a man who was standing outside with another man who was also bleeding from his arm. �

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