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The Last Doll: The Last Doll is about Jeffrey Dahmer

The Last Doll: The Last Doll is about Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is way more popular on Netflix than on eBay, which bans killer costume

Jeffrey Dahmer was executed in 1989 but made a lasting impression on the world as the inspiration for the movie The Last Doll.

Since his death 20 years ago, the story inspired numerous graphic novels and a Netflix series starring Vincent D’Onofrio

But eBay’s ‘Hang Jeff’ campaign has made life hell for fans of his violent and twisted life

What happens to Jeffrey Dahmer when a murderer with a fetish for the death penalty is paraded around a city dressed as his victims?

The answer is Netflix: The series The Last Doll is about Jeffrey Dahmer’s final weeks before his execution in 1989. It’s based on his graphic novel, The Devil’s Bargain.

Dahmer, who spent decades behind bars, killing at least 15 people, most of whom were teenagers, has a cult following, not only in the U.S. but overseas, where he’s been lionised for his bloody actions, which inspired one of the world’s most famous movies, and a killer costume accessory.

But the Netflix series is a nightmare for those whose affection for him goes beyond a shared love for Netflix. On social media, there’s a whole community dedicated to the horror of the “Hang Jeff” campaign. And eBay, which has for years removed Dahmer from its auctions, has now banned him.

‘No way I’m killing you’

The series was a dream come true for Netflix, and the decision to portray Dahmer in this particular way was part of the deal.

“It was based on a true story, a real life case,” Netflix boss Ted Sarandos told Mashable.

“We were asked to build a show around it and we were very happy to do that. The story is real, it came from a real case. There was no deal about it in any way, it came from a family whose family went through it. That’s who told us the story, that’s who was the hero of the show from the beginning and that’s who was the victim in the show. So it was all true.”

But after the show was picked up, Amazon, which owns the rights to The Devil’s Bargain, announced that it was going to pull the book’s sale on

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