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Los Angeles County is preparing for the heat wave

Los Angeles County is preparing for the heat wave

Welcome to another heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures on tap for Southern California, the biggest chunk of the state facing its third consecutive day above 100 degrees.

This time around, the heat will push the air temperature in Los Angeles County higher into the 90s, with the high in Griffith Park reaching 101.

Some are beginning to worry, including the California Department of Public Health, whose public health officials met with officials representing the Los Angeles City Council this week to prepare for the heat wave that will likely arrive this week.

“With the heat, the virus is certainly on the rise, and California residents aren’t immune,” Dr. Sarah Tejada, the department’s director of communicable diseases, said in an interview Monday. “We’ve already seen cases from the week before in the county, and I would expect more cases this week.”

Read the full story in the Los Angeles Times.

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