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Kibirirwa Kibiro — A Blind Footballer, Coach and Visionary

Kibirirwa Kibiro — A Blind Footballer, Coach and Visionary

Meet the man who introduced blind football to Uganda, now a coach at the top of his game

Athlete, coach and visionary – Kibirirwa Kibiro has made his mark at a young age. At just 8-years-old, he broke the world record in the 50m sprint, and was declared a national champion at just 10 years of age.

With a wealth of talent, he was quick to recognize that there was an opportunity to grow his skills and talents beyond his childhood dreams and passions. Through coaching, Kibiro has inspired, empowered and connected thousands of young athletes across the continent.

His success spans over two decades now, and we are on the brink of his world record breaking campaign.

“We want every player to dream big and reach that level because it will make them more fulfilled in life.”

Kibiro, who is blind since birth, has seen one of his dreams come true while coaching a blind football tournament in his country of origin – Uganda. Kibiro introduced blind football to his hometown of Namoyo and now has spread his vision further, with plans to travel to the rest of sub Saharan Africa.

“It’s my dream and I want to make it a reality. I am going for the first time to Uganda and I am very excited! The event is going to be the biggest yet!”

Athletic prowess

Kibiro’s biggest achievements were at the 50m dash, where he broke the world record, set in his hometown of Namoyo.

A few years ago, he broke his own World Records by winning the first ever 50m sprint in Uganda. It marked the beginning of his journey as he wanted to share football with other blind or partially sighted people in Africa.

“I have always wanted to bring the game of football to the people in the African continent. I have always wanted to represent my nation, Uganda, at the World level.

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