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JCPenney launches mobile app to help shoppers find and purchase gift items

JCPenney launches mobile app to help shoppers find and purchase gift items

How JCPenney plans to win back shoppers with a new mobile app

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As the largest general merchandise retailer in the country, the JCPenney store in Covington, Ky., has become known as a mecca for consumers trying to save on a special purchase, said Jeff Bussgang, vice president of retail for JCPenney.

Shoppers need to try a JCPenney app, he said, or else they are at a loss to understand how they can get their “little guy” out of a bind when they need a gift.

“For many people, trying to find the gift is their last resort,” Bussgang said. “The JCP app gives them the power to send their customers on a gift hunt with the only catch, they have to wait. They just have to be patient.”

JCPenney has launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones that will allow the retailer to more directly connect with customers through their smartphones, according to JCPenney.

“Our goal with JCPenney Mobile is to make what’s on our shelves and in our stores more convenient wherever the customer is,” said Matt Stagner, director of mobile services.

“Our new app will let customers find a solution to their problem or request specific product information, like an appliance, for example. With the app we will use JCPenney’s trusted, consumer-focused shopping data and expertise to be your personal shopping guide. With this information, you can then contact JCPenney to learn more about the products you want to buy.”

According to an article in the May 6 edition of USA Today, JCPenney and its new app are trying to lure more shoppers to use its brick-and-mortar stores and to visit the website, which carries a full line of merchandise.

The JCPenney app can help customers find and purchase gift items and make it easier to do so, said Mark A. Bowers, founder of JCPenney’s strategic app design for iPhone, said in the USA Today article.

“The JCPenney app is a key driver of JCPenney Online

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