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Dave Navarro and the band are back in concert after suffering vocal injuries

Dave Navarro and the band are back in concert after suffering vocal injuries

Imagine Dragons postpones shows while lead singer recovers from vocal, knee injuries; and more

The band’s lead singer and lead guitarist were injured in an April concert in Colorado, and they needed time off for treatment, but are now expected to start performing again at the end of the month.

It’s been a long road for the band, who had been recording new songs over the past two years while recovering from vocal and knee injuries sustained in recent shows.

“We’re definitely going to be playing shows in short order,” guitarist Mike Green said. “We were just so inspired, we had a lot of fun making new songs, and playing with new musicians.”

The band played a benefit concert on March 28 and a full tour on April 2.

“We had to take some time off so we could do what we do best, that’s touring,” lead singer Dave Navarro said. “We’re glad to see all of our loved ones are doing well, and we’re excited we’ll be back to playing live as soon as we can in the next few days.”

Navarro was diagnosed with vocal nodules in his vocal chords in September; his vocal coach, Chris Conner, said it is likely a vocal cord nodule (or laryngeal nodule) with inflammation.

“It has a little bit of a fever and it’s causing some discomfort,” he said. “It’s not anything we could manage if we tried to deal with it on our own.”

Navarro, the lead singer, has been performing with the band this year and was scheduled to participate in the April 22 show in Boston, but had to cancel. “We wanted to do it anyway,” Navarro said.

He said he hoped to continue to work with Conner, but that won’t be possible as a result of the injury.

“It’s been a really tough process, but we got through it, and we’re doing a lot better,” he said. “Our fans have been so encouraging. They’ve shown us how much they love us. I think it’s helped

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